Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine 2009

Should I regale thee with good cheer?
Should I go fetch a bottle of beer
Or wine,
Sweet Valentine?

How can this humble husband start
Conveying the myst’ries of this heart
Of mine,
Sweet Valentine?

If I’d no gift, what wouldst thou say?
Would thou insist that I should pay
A fine,
Sweet Valentine?

Money’s no object, that’s for sure,
But is their a sum where I should draw
The line,
Sweet Valentine?

How many gifts would set the straight?
Should I buy six or seven or eight
Or nine,
Sweet Valentine?

Should I bring chocolates rich and true,
So you can pick at them as you
Sweet Valentine?

Should I bring gifts from far and wide,,
Placed in a hamper firmly tied
With twine,
Sweet Valentine?

Maybe thou’dst like a new divan,
Crafted with loving skill from An-
-Tique pine,
Sweet Valentine?

Wouldst thou have lamb to roast or boil?
Maybe sardines encased in oil
Or brine,
Sweet Valentine?

Wouldst thou like bream or sole or trout?
Cook it myself, or bring you out
To dine,
Sweet Valentine?

See how the day is showered in mist!
Is this coincidence or is’t
A sign,
Sweet Valentine?

Canst thou be sure about my love?
As sure as the smiling moon above
Doth shine,
Sweet Valentine?