Monday, April 13, 2009

Kate's Easter Message

The people huddled round their tellies,
Expectation in their bellies,
Seeking hope and comfort in this
Time of fear and strife.
Everybody knew Kate Lawless
Had a wisdom bold and flawless,
So they all tuned in to hear her
Speak of God and life.

As she rose, the people waited,
Eyes were peeled and breath was bated,
A sense of hope now growing as she
Climbed the steps to speak.
Prayers were offered up in penance,
Landlords watched in awe with tenants,
Hoping for some words to help
The hopeless and the bleak.

Then in phrases short and measured,
She spoke words that will be treasured
By our children, children’s children,
And their children too.
From the holy scriptured pages,
Wisdom that survives the ages
Was imparted in clear tones as
Comprehension grew.

Love - that’s what her reading told us.
God created, not to scold us
But to cherish and to hold us
To his bosom dear.
Words so eloquently broken
Cut through silence long unbroken
And we knelt down to acknowledge
What she made so clear.

Suddenly the world seems brighter,
Purposeful and light, (despite a
Niggling worry that we might have
Messed things up too much.
Still, the population’s heeding
Kate’s clear message in that reading,
Consequently, we’re all leading
Richer lives, as such.
Kate's Easter reading at Whitehall was recorded and broadcast by RTE 1 on Easter Saturday