Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine 2010

Suddenly, Monica realised she'd reached an all-time low
Your days are busy with domestic drudgery,
There’s always pile of clothes that should be sorted.
But dear, you see it through without begrudgery,
Although your dreams are very often thwarted.
I’ve often wondered how you cope so easily
With all the jobs that pile up constantly.
The answer I have come to, somewhat cheesily,
Is that you’ve got a marvellous man like me.

The worktops always need a damned good seeing to,
It seems the tea-towels always should be changed.
Statements from the bank require agreeing to,
The plates inside the presses re-arranged.
Many folk would yearn a little break from it,
But you just keep on working happily.
Life’s a dream, you do not want to wake from it
Because you’ve got a marvellous man like me.

Oh darling, if I’d only your serenity
To get me through the awkward times of life,
Without recourse to vehement obscenity
At times of tribulation and of strife.
The trials of modern living seem a threat to me,
I wish I had your equanimity.
But no, I seem to let vexation get to me,
Because I have no marvellous man like me.

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Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great poem. I like the idea.