Friday, August 10, 2007

Aiden's turning forty

The bells ring out across the land
From Larne to Enniscorthy,
And grumpy faces have been banned
Cos Aiden’s turning forty.

Despite the silver in his hair,
He looks quite young and sporty.
But everyone is quite aware
That Aiden’s turning forty.

People say that he’s not tall,
Although he’s not a shorty,
Size does not count much at all
When you are turning forty.

The GIs in Afghanistan,
Before they made a sortie,
They telephoned the Taliban
‘Bout Aiden turning forty.

And George Bush, ever on his guard,
Inexplicably thought he
Forgot to send a birthday card
For Aiden turning forty.

And Bertie[of the Fianna Fail]
So sombre, proud and haughty,
He tells a most attentive Dail
That Aiden’s turning forty.

I will not harp upon his age,
For that would be quite naughty.
Although it isn’t hard to gauge
That Aiden’s turning forty.

P.S. The football team worked overtime
But poor old Mick McCarthy
Could only come up with the rhyme
That Aiden’s turning farty.

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