Friday, August 10, 2007

The Stars on 45

Joints are aching, limbs are sore,
Skin gets softer round your jaw,
Rheumatic pains increase and thrive
After you turn forty five.

Little jobs are done much slower,
Shoulders drooping even lower,
Forget that youthful zest and drive
When you hit the forty five.

Exercising is a curse,
Seems to hit you so much worse,
Takes you longer to revive
After birthday forty five.

Dotage beckons, future’s bleak,
Will you reach tomorrow week?
Amazing that you’re still alive
Now you’ve passed the forty five.

Remember how you used to dance?
Shook your bum and swung your pants?
No more will you twist and jive,
On completing forty five.

Surrounded by such youthful kids
You take to breaking teapot lids.
Pottery just can’t survive,
After you turn forty five.

Time alas keeps marching on
Till your youthful looks are gone.
Sadly you cannot connive
To change the fact you’re forty five.

You chose to hold your birthday when
We holiday with Dave and Bren,
But sorry, no, you can’t deprive
Us of your birthday forty five.

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