Friday, August 10, 2007

No Longer Nine

Kate woke up one morning
As the moon did softly shine.
She said, “That’s odd?”
And then “Oh God!
Sure I’m no longer nine.

‘From the single digit club,
I sadly must resign.
They’ll turf me out
Without a doubt,
For I’m no longer nine.

‘I wonder if I’ve changed a lot,”
(She gave a little whine.)
“What if I’ve grown
Or gained a stone,
Now I’m no longer nine?

‘It’s longer now to write my age,”
(She softly did opine)
“This number ten
Will waste my pen.
I wish I was still nine.

‘The candles on my birthday cake
Will mess up its design.
They’ll burn too hot,
As like as not.
Oh please can I stay nine?

‘My life in this past decade
Has been carefree and divine,
But now it’s gone,
Time marches on,
And I’m no longer nine.

‘Now I must do the hoovering,
Hang washing on the line.
Oh how I hate
This life. ‘Twas great
When I was only nine.

‘It’s time for me to settle down,
Pick out my Valentine.
The adult world
Is thus unfurled
When you’re no longer nine.”

But then Kate spied her presents,
And she suddenly felt fine.
“Oh well!” she said,
(As sadness fled,
And she hopped quickly out of bed,)
“Perhaps its sad,
But not too bad
That I’m no longer nine.”

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