Friday, August 10, 2007

Simon’s Driving Test

Louise and Neil are both impressed,
And eloquently have expressed
That, though they think you’re quite a pest
[I trust they’re saying that in jest]
You must have been supremely blessed.
No longer are you now repressed,
But now can drive on down to Brest,
Or to the Munich Beer Fest,
Verona, Venice or Trieste,
[Although we earnestly request
That you should go there smartly dressed,
And don’t forget your thermal vest]
It’s easier now to fly the nest
[As both your mum and dad have guessed]
But possibly I have digressed,
I’d better make my point now, lest
You end up manically depressed.
You’ll get no medal for your chest
[Alas! This cannot be redressed]
But whether heading east or west,
In driving skills, you’re just the best.
So drive that car with care and zest,
Make sure your airbag is compressed,
Don’t get your licence repossessed,
And well done on your driving exam.

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