Friday, August 10, 2007

Better Late than Never

It’s only five weeks late, love,
That isn’t very long.
I know you had to wait, love,
Obliged to string along.
You know I think you’re great, love,
Inspiring and so clever,
Oh yes, I missed the date, love,
But better late than never.

I know you found it hard, hun,
When birthday time came round,
That you received no card, hun,
And I had gone to ground.
I wasn’t on my guard, hun,
My mind was all at sea,
And in that one regard, hun,
I’m guilty as can be.

Your birthday’s in July, dear,
I know that very well.
August has flown by, dear,
They’ve tolled the Autumn bell.
Wintertime is nigh, dear,
Dark nights are coming fast,
But there’s no need to sigh, dear,
Your card is here at last.

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