Friday, August 10, 2007

A Narrow Escape

Imagine the contempt and scorn
Reserved for people Wiltshire-born.
Sad the man that bears that cross,
More odious than an albatross,
Explaining to his future wife
The shameful secret of his life.

And so we give great thanks today
Upon the birth of little Shea,
And praise the Lord his mum and dad
Employed the good sense that they had
And promptly turned the car around
And sped away from Wiltshire ground.

Both Ger and Rolf had put a pox on
Shea from being born in Oxon,
And you can bet your sweet young ass
That Rolf did step upon the gas
The border line did really gladden ’em
As they saw signs for Haddenham.

Twas Gerrardine’s determination
Saved a tricky situation.
Shea, not knowing geography
Was over-eager to break free,
But, like the famous Aylesbury ducks,
He thankfully was born in Bucks.

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