Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday 39 [Mk 2]

Once again the time is ripe
For us to jeer and you to gripe.
For us to wink, for us to smile,
For you to go into denial.
For us to say, “You’re nearly there!”
While you respond with “I don’t care.”

Yes, time to turn another page,
And be a very silly age.

When people ask, as people do,
“Excuse me. Just how old are you?”
You will be obliged to say,
“I’m thirty-nine. Is that okay?”

But you will see it in their eyes –
They’ll think that you are telling lies.
They’ll shoot a glance towards your nose,
And wonder just how long it grows.

They’ll think that you’re a lying swine,
‘Cos no-one’s really thirty nine.
They’ll whisper, as you walk away,
“She’s forty five, if she’s a day.
And its quite sad, to tell the truth,
Pretending she still has her youth.”

And so, dear Bren, if I were you,
I know what I would have to do
To save the winks and knowing glances,
When you go to dinner-dances.

Skip a year and celebrate!
Embrace the forties, yep, they’re great!
Don’t be bitter! Don’t be sore!
For forty suits you so much more.

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